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Font'N-Aire Ready Carnival Aerating Fountain

CAD Drawings Air-O-Lator Font'N-Aire Ready Carnival Aerating Fountain

The Carnival is an attractive aerating floating fountain suitable for use in any pond, dam or lake where a decorative method of aeration is desired.  The Carnival pumps a large volume of water into the air through a specifically designed nozzle which causes the water column to shear into millions of micro droplets exposing more water to the atmosphere.  As the aerated water returns to the surface, turbulence is created in a 360 degree radius outward from the fountain increasing the interface of air to water, therefore transferring the atmospheric oxygen to the water.

At the same time the water is being propelled through the atmosphere, evaporative cooling is occurring which allows the water to retain oxygen for a greater period of time.  This cooler water is more dense and heavier, which displaces the warmer water that is rising toward the pond or lake surface. With mixing and aeration, turnover is continuous and prevents stratification to depths up to 4 metres. The Carnival produces a large volume of water ranging from 1400 – 4000 litres per minute depending on motor size.

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