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Ceme-Tube Light Pole

CAD Drawings Ceme-Tube LLC Ceme-Tube Light Pole
These specially designed 18”, 24”, and 30” diameter CEME-TUBE® models will revolutionize the installation of light pole footings. This CEME-TUBE® is manufactured in reflective Caution Yellow, Concrete Gray, or Architectural Bronze colors. All of which contain strong UV inhibitors to protect the CEME-TUBE® from fading. To create aesthetic appeal and minimize installation labor, the top perimeter has an integral radius which will transition the sides of the CEME-TUBE® to the top surface smoothly. This top radius also eliminates chamfering. A 17” diameter Hole is provided on the top to facilitate pouring, finishing and lightpole installation. (15” hole on the 18” model) This CEME-TUBE® is intended to remain on which will save time and labor on stripping, painting, chamfering and concrete finishing.

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