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Premier XS Tennis Post

CAD Drawings Douglas Industries, Inc. Premier XS Tennis Post
The Premier™ XS Series is the Cadillac of tennis posts; providing first-class looks and durability for both indoor and outdoor court applications. These 2-7/8” OD round posts are constructed of 8-gauge steel. Posts are internally wound and feature a jam-free cable tensioning hardware system. Gears are brass and gear housings and caps are made of die-cast zinc. Gear function is 30:1 to ensure a smooth, easy operation. Posts feature Allied's® superior Flo-coat® galvanization process and are then finished in forest green or black baked-on polyester powder coat to resist rust and increase durability. Integrated welded steel lacing rods are included for a professional net installation. Flush mounted gear plate cover and removable handle have a brass finish.

• 2-7/8” OD round 8-gauge steel
• Complete with welded lacing rods
• Die-cast zinc caps and gear housings
• Available in forest green or black baked
on polyester powder coat finish
• Jam-free cable tensioning hardware system
with superior hardened gears and case
• Easy-to-operate post with a 30:1 self locking gear ratio
• Gears are available in three superior materials:
stainless steel, plated steel or brass
• Flush mounted removable handle
• Hardware is available in optional chrome or brass finish

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Premier XS Tennis Post


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