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Douglas Super Six Fixed Basketball System

CAD Drawings Douglas Industries, Inc. Douglas Super Six Fixed Basketball System
  • BBS-6 Systems feature 4" square structural steel with
  • 3/16" wall thickness, weighing 9.5 pounds per foot.
  • The extension has a 4 1/2" square steel collar that fits
  • 30" over the vertical pole and has (2) set bolts that allow for minor adjustments in height and squareness to the playing surface.
  • The extension collar is permanently capped to prevent the extension from slipping when the set bolts are removed completely.
  • The rim mounts through the backboard directly to the extension for maximum safety and better rebound.
  • Both the extension and pole have an acrylic powder coat finish to prevent chipping and provide ultimate corrosion protection.
  • Designed for official play.
  • 3-piece installation design for easy installation and allows for minor adjustments or "fine tuning."
  • A 72" extension for maximum safe play area and sets the pole 2' out-of-bounds for regulation play.
  • Custom extension sizes available at 36", 48" and 60".

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