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Burner Base Cabinets

CAD Drawings BIM Models Danver Burner Base Cabinets
Appliance base cabinets are available in widths from 18” to 36”. Always specify the appliance base cabinets 6” wider than the Cooking Appliance. A “trim kit” is installed during fabrication that is specifically designed for each appliance. The trim kit tucks-in behind the control panel of the appliance to ensure a proper fit. Optional pull out and stationary shelves are available.

All appliance base cabinets standard depth is 27”. Most appliances including Solaire and Alfresco call for standard cabinetry. Some appliances have extra deep (top to bottom) burner boxes. When specifying cabinetry for Fire Magic, Twin Eagle and Wolf side burners, place the letter “D” following the item number to indicate extra deep.

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