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Simplicity Edge Fire Bowl

CAD Drawings Concrete Creations Simplicity Edge Fire Bowl

The Simplicity fire bowl Bowl is by far the most popular of Concrete Creations Fire bowls. The Simplicity and its sister bowl the Simplicity Edge (formerly known as Custom Simplicity) share the same simple clean exterior lines, however, the Simplicity Edge Fire Bowl offers the oversized lip. This edge adds both design element as well as functionality to the fire bowl.

If you want a fire bowl that can be used almost as a table the Simplicity Edge is your bowl.

Simplicity Edge fire bowl available to order in these sizes:
72" w x 18" h (29" base) 14" over size lip
60" w x 18" h (18" Base) 12" over size lip
54" w x 18" h (17" base) 8" or  10" over size lip
48" w x 18" h (16" base) 6" or 8" over size lip
44" w x 17" h (16" base) 5" or 8" over size lip
40" w x 18" h (20" base) 5" over size lip
40" w x 15" h (15" base) 5" over size lip
37.5" w x 13.5" h  (13" base) 4"-5" over size lip

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