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Simplicity Planter / Water Bowl

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Our Simplicity Water Bowl, is versatile and can be used as also a fire bowl.

This Simplicity Edge Fire Bowl shown in the picture is our 37" x 13.5" and finished in Smoke gray. The bowl features a Cross Fire Burner up to 120K - 132K BTU, a key valve and a plate. The media inside the bowl is 3/4" black glass.

When used as a fire bowl sand and Lava rocks should be placed inside the bowl so that the fire does not directly touch the concrete.

You can light either wood logs, or use a gas line and lava rocks.

Always use only material that are intended for fire.

Some Available Sizes:

48" w x 18" h

40" w x 15" h

36" w x 13.5" h

30" w x 11" h

24" w x 10" h

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