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Surface Mount Bollards

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Base plate bollards are primarily used when the slab they are being mounted on is too shallow for a deeper, more secure concrete footing. Base plate bollards should not be relied upon for stopping vehicles or as a perimeter security application, but rather as a pedestrian traffic guide and vehicular deterrent.

Base Plate Carbon Steel (IBB Series)
The IBB series of base plate bollards are manufactured from carbon steel for a variety of strengths and options. Carbon steel finishes available in over 180+ powder coat colors, galvanized or primed only.

Base Plate Stainless Steel (SBB Series)
The SSB series of base plate bollards are manufactured from stainless steel for durability, weather-resistance, and aesthetics. Calpipe Security Bollards offers standard Type 304 grade stainless steel, or for harsher environments, request Type 316. The stainless steel is polished to a #4 finish.

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