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TNP Armchair

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Sometimes a place guides inspiration. As proof of this: the TNP armchair designed by Christophe Pillet for the Villeurbanne Théâtre National Populaire (the former Palais du Travail based on the Stalinist model) when it was made over in 2011. A unique building, whose majestic architecture dates from the 1930s and was formerly the Palais du Travail inspired by a Stalinist model, torn between ostentation and austerity. It was along these creative lines that the designer Christophe Pillet designed the TNP armchair withstanding the “rust of time”, with its generous and functional curves. For his material, he chose metal as a reference to the world of work and industry. To bring it to life, he naturally turned to Fermob, a high-quality French company he had already worked with on the Mendès France project.

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CAD Drawings FermobUSA TNP Armchair

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