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Turf Nail Board Buffings

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Tot Turf Synthetic Grass is a natural looking, soft, and made for continuous play, leisure, and sport. Unlike real grass, Synthetic Grass stays green all year long! Tot Turf Play Spaces products will meet fall cushioning requirements for safety compliance and our specially designed PUP Turf line is perfect for our 4-legged friends. Padded underlayment adds enough pad to help protect your little ones during play. We can install it to meet the 4, 6, and 8ft fall ratings. Our turf surfacing is also completely accessible for children and adult with all abilities. We install it with our SILVERBACK patented liner to prevent damage and enhance its durability. Play Spaces synthetic grass does not require mowing, fertilizing or watering, so put away that mower, and PLAY!

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Synthetic Turf ( Nail Board )


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