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Robertson Maintenance Service offers free consultations on rubber maintenance and repair solutions to ensure your space can once again meet compliance regulations for safer recreation and play!

Tips for Preventative Maintenance
Repairs can become costly if basic preventative measures are not addressed. Protect your investment by following these simple steps on a routine basis.

1 . Keep loose debris off the surface. Periodic removal can prevent costly repairs.
2 . Vacuum or blow off porous surfaces at least every 3 weeks to clear the permeable openings.
3 . Provide trash receptacles and signage near recreational spaces as a reminder to throw away garbage.
4 . Inspect surface for cracking and shrinkage around solid borders and playground equipment poles.
5 . Avoid certain cleaning products that, over time, may be detrimental to the surfacing. (Solutions to avoid include Acetate, Ammonia, Benzene, and Chlorine Bleach)

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