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Cantilever Gates

CAD Drawings Ultra Aluminum Mfg. Inc. Cantilever Gates
Ultra Aluminum™ Cantilever Gates are engineered for both security and architectural appeal for openings from 6’ to 50’ wide. As tough as these gates are, the sliding mechanisms are designed so even our largest gate can be easily opened and closed with one hand. But, they are easily adapted for use with automatic gate openers and existing security systems.

All the components of a gate from Ultra Aluminum™ are custom designed, factory assembled and built to last, using our high-strength Ultrum™ Alloy and stainless-steel fasteners, and then 100% welded at all connections and joints. The entire assembly is protected with our Powercoat™ finish, a durable finish that is twice as thick as most other types of paints and enamels. Mill finish gates are available by special order.

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