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Bartender Station Cabinets

CAD Drawings Danver Bartender Station Cabinets
Bartending Center And Cocktail Station Base Cabinets are available in widths from 24” to 48”. They are available standard with 2 doors. You can specify the number of shelves (available separately).

Appliance bases are specified 6” wider than appliance/specialty grill width. Include appliance brand and model specifications for quote or with order. A “trim kit” is specifically designed for each appliance to insure a proper fit.

Standard outdoor cabinet depth is 27 7/8”. Total height is 34 1/2” -- cabinet box is 30”H plus 4 1/2” adjustable legs. A tapered stainless steel leg with adjustable foot is also available for an open contemporary look. Black and stainless “toe kick” are ordered separately and cut on-site. Stainless pulls are included. Stationary and pull-out shelves are available.

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