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Looking for sustainable products to specify in your next green building project? CADdetails has uncovered the latest in green building products and environmentally friendly design practices developed to support architects, builders, building owners and designers in their efforts to build and maintain sustainable sites. Follow the links below to learn about CADdetails.com SpecGREEN manufacturers and how the green products they offer may contribute towards the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification of your next commercial or residential building or interior design.

All production of the toilet partitions are completed at the Knickerbocker facility in Freeport, NY., U.S.A. Their product is produced with an average minimum of 75% (combined post industrial / post consumer) recycled content. The honeycomb core of the partitions and screens (which makes up a very small percentage of the finished product) is produced with 10-15% (combined post industrial / post consumer) recycled content.

Mansfield Plumbing (MPP) is committed to the sustainability of the environment in everything they do. MPP is proud to contribute in the following areas: Material Conservation, Kiln Loading Optimization and Detailed Production Scheduling, Product Development and Manufacturing, Operating Efficiency, and Recycling.