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Almaden Valley Dwelling
San Jose, CA

Project Details

Amy Davis/Pacific Builders, Inc./Murray Window & Door, Inc
San Jose, CA
Project Year

Overlooking Almaden Valley in San Jose, California, this Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home is surrounded by the valley to the south, a sandstone quarry to the north and hill pastures beyond. It was strategically designed to blend in with the terrain, both aesthetically and physically, for a natural connection to the surrounding hillside.

Kolbe® Windows & Doors was selected for the project due to the complexities and intricacies of the windows, which needed to be custom built in order to meet the architectural requirements of the structure. Also, only Kolbe could provide all of the different types of windows and doors required for the project: corner windows with and without posts, casements, awnings, direct sets, folding doors, and numerous custom glass doors featured throughout the home. Kolbe’s Ultra Series products were the perfect solution for this distinctive design, offering expansive openings and unique configurations for maximum viewing. Custom divided lite patterns add a unique touch.

All of the windows needed to be custom built in order to meet the architectural requirements of the structure;
in fact, the complexity of the windows required a separate architecture of their own. To add support and strength, the house was built as a steel skeleton for an open floorplan and stability during an earthquake. Kolbe’s 3D models helped determine the fit of the building elements within the structure, aiding the design process.

Clerestory windows on all sides of the home feature performance divided lites in unique configurations forming intricate linear patterns from floor to ceiling. Ultra Series casements and awnings allow airflow and fragrant breezes, while folding doors open up to completely blend the living room with the patio, blurring the indoor and outdoor environments into expanded entertainment areas. Corner direct set windows form 90° visibility without the interruption of posts or seams; inverted corner direct sets draw the outdoors a little further into the room.

On the exterior, Chutney painted aluminum-clad windows elegantly contrast with the neutral earth tones of the building materials, as well as the natural wood doors and frames. A grand redwood barrel vaulted entrance was custom built to original design specifications, with radius windows over an inswing entrance door with dual sidelites, all of which feature Chutney colored divided lites. Inside, field-finished Fir adds beauty, warmth, and a visual harmony with the living space.

The entire house was designed around the view, which shaped the vision for this project. Kolbe shared in that vision and helped make this one-of-a-kind home a reality. Without all of the custom options available, the architectural requirements would not have been met, and some of the most distinctive features would not have been possible.

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