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Fencing & Wire Mesh: Silverrock Fence

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Galvanized Steel Projects
Natina Steel creates a rustic brown color without compromising the protection of the galvanized layer. It will not fade from sun exposure, and our advanced color treatment typically costs less than alternative colorants.
Natina Steel is a superior alternative to weathering steel. Using Natina Steel on galvanized metal produces a look similar to weathering steel, with the added strength and corrosion protection offered by galvanized metal. Weathering steel is prone to corrosion and it also bleeds and leaves rust stains all over the ground and concrete underneath, while Natina does not.

Fencing and Wire Mesh
Natina Steel is the perfect solution for permanently staining any kind of galvanized wire fencing (i.e. chain-link, wire mesh, etc.). Natina Steel works by reacting with the zinc in galvanized metal to create a rustic brown finish that will not fade, crack, or peel over time from sun exposure (vinyl/pvc coated fence fades, cracks, and starts to peel off within a few years) and the cost is typically less as well!

Silverrock Fence
Vinyl coated chain-link fence does not last as the color begins to fade, crack, and peel off over only a handful of years. Why pay more for vinyl when Natina Steel can create color that will never fade, crack, or peel from sun exposure?

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