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Guardrails & End Terminals: Quiota Creek Crossing

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Galvanized Steel Projects
Natina Steel creates a rustic brown color without compromising the protection of the galvanized layer. It will not fade from sun exposure, and our advanced color treatment typically costs less than alternative colorants.
Natina Steel is a superior alternative to weathering steel. Using Natina Steel on galvanized metal produces a look similar to weathering steel, with the added strength and corrosion protection offered by galvanized metal. Weathering steel is prone to corrosion and it also bleeds and leaves rust stains all over the ground and concrete underneath, while Natina does not.
Guardrails and End Terminals
Why would you want to rust galvanized metal? The galvanized layer is what protects the metal from corrosion. Natina Steel gives you the best of both worlds by creating a beautiful rustic brown finish on top of galvanized metal surfaces without harming the protection offered by the galvanizing (a winning combo)! And, better still, the color will not fade, crack, or peel from sun exposure like you see with pigment based colorants (i.e. paints, stains, powder coating, etc.).

Quiota Creek Crossing
Before learning of Natina Steel this client was powder coating their guardrails and spending a small fortune. Luckily after some research they found Natina Steel, the longest lasting and least expensive option for staining galvanized surfaces, and they made the switch.

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