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Peaks to Plains Trail
Clear Creek Canyon Park, Jefferson County, CO, USA

Project Details

Clear Creek Canyon Park, Jefferson County, CO, USA

Natina Products, Colorado Department of Transportation and CEI Constructors collaborated to preserve the natural beauty of Clear Creek Canyon in the Denver area. Various crews are building the Peaks to Plains Trail — a 65-mile trail stretching from the Continental Divide on Loveland Pass to the South Platte River Trail and Adams County. This recreational trail is part of the “Colorado the Beautiful Initiative”.

Natina helped beautify and enhance a six-mile paved, multipurpose trail along U.S. Highway 6 with 142,000+ square feet of concrete, 59,000+ linear feet of galvanized steel railing and 13,000+ linear feet of cable. The main goal for the trail was to protect as many natural resources as possible. Natina helped this goal since the product blended these structures into the canyon’s background.

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