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Rock Projects: Adot – US 40 – Rock Slope Color Restoration

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Natina Rock Formula (rock colorant) creates natural, earth-tone colors on any type of rock surface that will not fade over time from sun exposure.

Adot – US 40 – Rock Slope Color Restoration
After cutting into the rock slope on the US 40, Adot used Natina Rock Formula to restore the rock color to its pre-construction state. Natina Rock Formula naturally oxidizes the surface of rock to create earth-tone hues from tan to dark brown and is perfect for cut slopes that otherwise look like scars on the landscape.
During highway construction it is often necessary to cut into hillsides to expand, or build, lanes of traffic. When the upper surface of the rock face is removed, the parent material is revealed and is typically much lighter in color than the original rock. The resulting construction “scar” is unsightly and will remain so for decades to come until the natural patina reforms on the surface of the rock. Natina Rock Formula is the answer! Natina reacts with the minerals in the rock and speeds up the natural oxidation process removing all landscape scars in just a few weeks’ time!

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