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Pay On Foot Shelter

Par-Kut factory assembled Pay Station Shelters (aka Ticket Machine Shelters) serve a variety of useful and aesthetic purposes. By covering the parking customer self pay machine, you offer value to your customers by shielding them from potentially unpleasant weather and environmental conditions. Secondly, you can utilize the shelters to draw attention to the location of the pay machine, enabling a sight line above obstructions such as high vehicles and landscaping. Additionally, they offer the ability to extend the lifespan of your pay machine by shielding it from damaging conditions such as direct sun, rain, ice, and soggy tickets getting jammed.

Covers can include optional glass roof panels to enable solar powered machines, and solar powered lights are increasingly being specified. This same type of shelter has been used for a smoker’s shelter on several occasions.

Pay On Foot Shelter

  • 3 Sided Factory Built Enclosure, Non Insulated.
  • Steel Roof with or without fascia. Skylight optional.
  • Clear safety glass standard, steel walls optional.
  • Choice of color & choice of roof overhang.
  • 10" Gap below wall panels helps keep trash out.
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