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Two Machine Shelter

For transit, smoker or waiting shelter applications, Par-Kut pre-assembled, portable steel shelters are delivered user ready to the slab prepared site. Single unit shelters are of standard Par-Kut construction – welded galvanized steel with top hung sliding doors, galvanized steel roof, clear tempered safety glass, tread plate floors and UL certified electric.

Vandal resistant heat and lights are standard. Air conditioning, ventilation systems, ash trays and special graphics are optional. Benches are available in wood, metal or plastic. Gable, hip, vaulted, or mansard roofs may be specified as well as custom exterior wall treatments to compliment existing architecture.

Although any size shelter is available, 5' x 14' is standard. With or without doors all Par-Kut steel shelters are ADA compliant.

Two Machine Shelter 

  • 3 Sided Factory Built Enclosure, Non Insulated.
  • Steel Roof with or without fascia. Glass ceiling or skylight optional.
  • Clear safety glass standard, steel wall panels optional. Steel window frames standard.
  • Optional break resistant acrylic or unbreakable polycarbonate glazing.
  • Choice of color & choice of roof overhang.
  • 10" Gap below wall panels helps keep trash out.
  • Optional light.
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