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Whitacre Greer

36 Red Sunset

Whitacre Greer’s clay paver are colorfast and will not fade with use or exposure to ultraviolet light. Like traditional building brick, the firing process yields a thermo physical change in the raw material resulting in a brick paver that is durable and beautiful.

36 Red Sunset is designed with intentional range to create a blended look, without blending multiple shades together. This product features beautiful dark striations running through a range of red base pavers.

This product is not intended to look uniform. This allows design professions to choose a singular product to have the look of a uniquely blended project - without blending fees.

Whitacre Greer's pavers are available in 4 x 8 x 2 1/4 standard size with options for cobbling, and permeability. ADA / Tackle pavers are only available in Shade 30 Clear Red. 
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