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Non-Pleated Screens

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LaCantina Doors offers an integrated concealed non-pleated screen and blind system that is an ideal solution for large openings up to 24’ wide and 10’ high. Operating with just the touch of a fingertip, the retractable system is designed to be unobtrusive, versatile, easy to operate and durable. Installing a screen and blind system improves energy performance, increases ventilation, keeps interiors cooler and reduces air conditioning use. 

With its sheer mesh, the insect screen is hardly noticeable when in use and completely retracts and disappears into the jamb cavity when not in use. There are no grills or horizontal bars to detract from the view. The blind system increases energy efficiency by deflecting UV Rays and reducing heat transfer. A range of fabric options allow you to control privacy, sunlight and temperature in your home. An insect screen and blind can be combined in a single system for openings up to 12’ wide.

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