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Percussion Play


Freechimes from Percussion Play are practical, durable and stylish with a wonderful melody and sustain that will liven up any outdoor area. Available individually, in pre-set arrangements or as a full symphony ranging from 1.5m (5ft) C3 to the smallest C6 at just 0.5m (18"). Whether you are looking for solo chimes to place sporadically around your outdoor area to add a musical sound wherever you go, or you are looking for a symphony arrangement around which outdoor lessons and concerts can be played, Freechimes can be adapted to suit all.

Alto Pentatonic (C4-C5- 6 notes) or Alto Diatonic (C4-C5- 8 notes)

Soprano Pentatonic  (C5-C6 - 6 notes) or Soprano Diatonic (C5-C6 –8 notes)

Pentatonic Symphony (C3-C6 – 16 notes) or Diatonic Symphony (C3-C6 – 22 notes)

Freechimes perform well in an outdoor classroom, music playground and for music therapy. The chimes are hand tuned to the highest quality and produce a rich vibrant, harmonic resonance. Freechimes offer a great way to start learning music in a fun and informal way.

All our Freechimes can be ordered for in-ground, surface or wall installation. Alternatively, you can order as 'notes only' with no backboard, instead a universal fixing bracket is supplied on each note to attach them individually to your chosen surface or structure.
CAD Drawings BIM Models Percussion Play Freechimes
CAD Drawings BIM Models Percussion Play Freechimes
CAD Drawings BIM Models Percussion Play Freechimes

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