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Colossus Chimes

Set of 11 Chimes tuned in C Major Pentatonic (C3-C5) Ranging from 1.6m-2.4m (63" - 95") this sound sculpture delivers powerful resonant tones encompassing the full pitch range of our Tubular Bells and Emperor Chimes.

Built with durable aluminium to withstand tough environments, the centre post is strengthened, and the outer tubes fixed using stainless steel security screws located top and bottom. Each bell is capped to prevent debris from entering the bell and dampening the sound. The Colossus Chimes come complete with four metal posts, each with a large beater attached by steel cables. There are a variety of ways that the chimes can be arranged, as the beater posts offer a considerable amount of range. Visitors will experience the pure joy of making music and playing with sound in the outdoors as they strike the aluminium chimes with the mallets. 

Colossus Chimes are great sensory, interactive items perfect for music therapy, sensory gardens and inclusive playgrounds. Players can feel the sound resonating through their whole body when they reach out and touch the chimes after being struck with the mallets. 

Product Highlights 
  • Large scale and very robust - suitable for heavy use environments 
  • Sensory Rich - perfect for inclusive playgrounds and sensory gardens 
  • Highly resonant 
  • Disabled Access / ADA Accessible 
  • Tall and Striking
  • Made to order in 4 weeks. 
CAD Drawings BIM Models Percussion Play Colossus Chimes
CAD Drawings BIM Models Percussion Play Colossus Chimes
CAD Drawings BIM Models Percussion Play Colossus Chimes

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Design Visualizer

Colossus Chimes
Colossus Chimes

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