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Zaragoza Sofa

Our Zaragoza collection employs every element of design- from line to texture- to create designer furnishings that add creative prehistoric charm to your space. With decorative appeal that appears to be a fossil hewed right from rock base, the Zaragoza sofa employs the versatility and natural beauty of organic stone to create a unique and functional seating option. Sleek, simple form and geometric shape give this sofa a modern flavor, while finely etched angular lines give it a primitive look that takes you back to Bedrock. Add plush cushions with your own coordinating fabric choice to make this sofa a comfortable centerpiece for use as outdoor lounge, roof top, or hotel lobby furniture. Combine the Zaragoza sofa with arm chairs, cocktail tables, and stools from our collection to create a wonderfully stylish seating area in your home, hotel, casino, restaurant, or lounge.
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