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USS Squared with Surface Mount

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Dero’s Ultra Space Saver Squared builds on its popular predecessor, the original Ultra Space Saver. Both provide vertical bike parking that maximizes space efficiency, but the Squared goes even further:
Sliding Arm System: Adjustable sliding arms make it easy for customers to best utilize their space. It also creates flexibility to make sure spacing follows city requirements as they evolve.
Square Tube Arm: Pipe-cutter resistant squared steel tubing makes the Ultra Space Saver Squared more secure than the original.
Angled Arm (optional): This option provides an extra six inches of aisle space.
Like the original, the Squared is u-lock compatible and accommodates bikes with fenders; features an easy to install, modular system; and can fit in nearly any space. Additional options include: wall-mount, floor-mount, and double-sided.
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