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Municipal Water Features

Morcom Rose Garden is a seven acre formal rose garden with winding walkways, a reflecting pool and cascading fountains. Advanced Aquaculture Systems was selected to design and provide an automated Perma-Bead™ recirculating filtration system to maintain superb water quality in the reflecting pool and cascading fountain. This energy efficient system eliminated the need for personnel to drain and refill the central pond for cleaning, saving over 500,000 gallons of water per year that previously went to waste. This historic site has a narrow entrance-way to the pump room that necessitated the division of the Perma-Bead™ filtration system into smaller units to pass through the entrance-way where they were then easily reassembled once inside the pump room. Creative solutions to design challenges are always welcome at Advanced Aquaculture Systems.
CAD Drawings Advanced Aquaculture Systems, Inc. Municipal Water Features

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