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Architectural Water Features

This unique, artistic water feature and mini wetland showcases the close interrelationship between environment, technology, art and urban life. This architectural water feature is a living work of art that incorporates a customized automated Perma-Bead™ filtration system to maintain exceptionally clean and pure water in this publicly accessible location. The Perma-Bead™ recirculating system includes automatic backwash controls, high-intensity UV sterilization and a centralized electrical control panel along with air powered Aquacubes™ in the wetlands exhibit. The Aquacube™ is a patented, maintenance free device from Advanced Aquaculture Systems that efficiently aerates, biofilters and circulates water without the use of a water pump. Advanced Aquaculture Systems has many unique solutions to design challenges for many types of aquatic systems.
CAD Drawings Advanced Aquaculture Systems, Inc. Architectural Water Features

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Advanced Aquaculture Systems, Inc.


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