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Koi and Ornamental Ponds

This resplendent residence features koi ponds and cascading water features throughout the sprawling estate. Advanced Aquaculture Systems provided customized skid mounted Perma-Bead™ Filtration Systems to provide continuous recirculating and disinfection to sustain clear and clean water for the many high value koi as well as residents and guests to enjoy. This multilevel site was supplied by a commercial-grade Perma-Bead™ Filtration System that included automatic backwash controls, variable frequency drives for pumps, high intensity UV sterilizers and on-board electrical disconnect switches. Advanced Aquaculture Systems has over 30 years of experience in aquatic recirculating systems design to meet any project requirements.
CAD Drawings Advanced Aquaculture Systems, Inc. Koi and Ornamental Ponds

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Advanced Aquaculture Systems, Inc.


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