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TENAJ Waste Receptacle

The TENAJ waste receptacle was created to compliment our very popular TENAJ park benches and bike racks. The futuristic curved design captures the same look and feel of the series but does not compromise the functionality of the receptacle. The front loading door was the challenge and our design team as always came up with a very innovative solution. Rather than have the loading door hinges on the side, they were placed on the bottom allowing the door to pull forward. The liner was then mounted on the door. As it opens it also shifts the waste forward making it easier to remove and replace the garbage bag. The front-facing overhang of the unit deflects water and makes it difficult for animals and birds to access the inside. This waste receptacle has a relatively small foot print making it ideal areas with space constraints.
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TENAJ Waste Receptacle ( TJTR-24 )


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