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RoyalLite™ Fiberglass FRP Columns & Column Covers

Royal Corinthian manufactures RoyaLite™ fiberglass reinforced polymer cornice and entablature or “FRP”.  This cornice uses 35% to 40% fiberglass content which makes it pound for pound stronger than steel.  This cornice is made from the same material as fiberglass boat hulls so when it comes to holding up to the elements, there is no better material to use.  Although used on residences, RoyaLite™ cornice is most often used under the soffit of government buildings, university buildings, and commercial projects in general.  This product offers the greatest advantage over our other cornices when paint-grade or pre-finished cornice of intricate detail, elaborate design, of larger proportion, that will last a lifetime is required.
CAD Drawings Royal Corinthian RoyalLite™ Fiberglass FRP Columns & Column Covers

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