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Portofino Fiberglass Jar Planter

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The gradually tapered body of the Portofino Planter is accentuated by a prominently rolled rim detail. Put it all together for a visually stunning planter that is so pretty that sometimes people use the Portofino empty to dress up a space while awaiting their shipment of plants. Not many planters can pull that off – and that is especially true of heavy duty commercial grade planters that usually lack aesthetic appeal and unique character.

But why use it empty? Load it up with tall plants or trees or grow bushy greenery inside it. One of the most popular uses of the Portofino is for displaying downwardly flowing plants that create a cascade of color over the lip and along the sides. These planters fit perfectly into gaping corners to give them a more pleasant aesthetic, and they can instantly add flair to otherwise boring spaces like cafeterias, employee lounges, and oversized lobbies. Position them at the gated entrance to a private property or real estate development. Place Portofino Planters on either side of the doorway of a store, office, restaurant, or bar. Use them to offset the mundane look of necessary but less attractive structures like parking attendant booths or guard stations.

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Portofino Fiberglass Jar Planter
Portofino Fiberglass Jar Planter

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