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Modern Fiberglass Square Planters

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When you want to dress up your outdoor space with vibrant vines and colorful blossoms, but don't have a lot of room to spare for more traditional planters, turn to our Modern Rectangle Cast Stone Planters to get the job done. The rectangular shape of these cement landscape planters makes them the perfect solution for sidewalks, storefronts, patio areas, and business park pathways. As both attractive and functional pieces, our rectangle planters make ideal barriers for directing foot traffic on pedestrian walkways or delineating commercial areas while also adding a touch of beauty with multicolored plants. Lightweight and a breeze to install, simply add your favorite live or artificial plants, stand back, and enjoy!

These large rectangular planters are made from GFRC, which stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. This revolutionary material is a mixture of both cement and fiberglass, giving you all the visual appeal of stone planters at about a quarter of the weight. These planters are less expensive than traditional stone planters, can be made with much more detail than precast stone, and are more durable thanks to the incorporated fiberglass strands. Each concrete planter box is handmade and finished.

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