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Firecube 16

The most diminutive of Solus Decor's fire pits, Firecube 16 combines a small footprint with a generous flame and pared down design. These 16” sleek, concrete cubes have rounded edge detailing for a softened, modern feel. On its own Firecube 16 is handsome and visually uncomplicated allowing it to occupy small spaces with ease. Paired with a Tank Table these small fire pits are an excellent solution to decks, patios and remote locations that require the portable convenience of propane tanks. The Firecube 16 can also be grouped in a variety of configurations or set throughout architectural environments to add visual interest, create social hubs or to light the way through transitional areas. Appropriate for commercial and residential installations. Each Solus natural gas or propane fire pit is fully certified and comes with a warranty on craftsmanship and performance. Available for purchase by professionals and home owners worldwide.
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