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Marek Fiberglass Square Planter

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For endless design possibilities and an extensive list of functional benefits, our Marek fiberglass square outdoor planters are by far the primary choice for commercial designers, municipal planners, and homeowners alike. With their clean, geometric lines, these square modern planters fit in well with any contemporary design scheme. Our exclusive toe-kick design gives them a unique look that also allows for easy cleaning. With two dozen standard colors, premium finish options, and limitless custom colors (extra fee applies) available, there is no boundary to the uses for these fiberglass planters.

Available in a number of sizes, these planters make a lovely addition to shopping malls, hotels, city centers, and entertainment venues. Use one as a solo design piece or group them for a stunning cohesive appeal. Not only are these resin planters eye catching when filled with colorful blooms and green foliage, but they are also low-maintenance, lightweight, and incredibly sturdy. Lighter than cement, wood, and PVC, these planters are easy to move; you can even add casters to make redecorating a breeze. Unlike natural materials, fiberglass won't rot, mildew, or deteriorate over time. It's impervious to insect damage and exposure to the elements. 

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Marek Fiberglass Square Planter
Marek Fiberglass Square Planter

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