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6" Seam Tape

Seam tape is a 6" double-stick elastomeric tape designed for use with NAC sheet applied and liquid applied membrane systems.

Seam tape can be used for interior and exterior applications to waterproof seams, joints, shower curbs, drains, exterior decks and balconies and other protrusions.  Seam tape is a double stick product but it must be used with an NAC Primer for maximum adhesion.

Seam tape is NOT a stand alone product and where exposed, must be covered with membrane.

Seam tape is appropriate for thin bed and thick bed applications and tile may be installed same day if no flood testing is required.

Follow the instructions for surface preparation for membrane installation. Apply the appropriate primer based on the Primer Reference chart to the area where the seam tape and membrane will be installed.

Cut seam tape and membrane to desired length.  Position the seam tape with the release paper facing down and the membrane overlapping the seam tape by 3".  Remove release paper from the under side and apply seam tape to the area that was primed. Use the flat side of a trowel to press the seam tape into place.

Allow the membrane to overlap the seam tape by 3".  Start the second membrane over the remaining 3" of seam tape and butt-joint the sheet membranes together. DO NOT overlap the membranes.

Remove the protective film from the top of the seam tape and press membrane into Seam Tape.  Use the flat side of a trowel or a 75-100# roller to finish the installation.

For floor to wall installation, flash Seam tape up the wall 3", leaving 3" of Seam tape on the floor.  Follow membrane instructions to complete the installation.
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6" Seam Tape


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