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Ages 2-12: R3-10020-2

CAD Drawings Superior Recreational Products | Playgrounds Ages 2-12: R3-10020-2
With little maintenance thanks to the decking and posts being made from recycled post-consumer products, a recycled playground structure will serve your play area well. The R3-10020 features a unique selection of climbers like the pipe ladder and chain link climber and connectors such as the lily pad bridge, children will have no issue getting themselves on the structure to explore more features. Children love the open spiral slide as well as the various panels that promote a hands-on experience and child care providers and parents love the post tops, which provide shade over parts of the structure. Technically speaking, the structure is 27 feet by 21 feet with a required use zone of 39 feet by 33 feet. 40 children aged 2-12 years can play together on R3-10020-2. The decks and posts are available in cedar, dark brown, and gray (at an upcharge), while the other components on the structure are available in any of our colors.

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