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Plastic Paver Edging (Hi-Test)

This aluminum paver edging kit is perfect for sidewalks, patios and even driveway installations. This 1 3/8” tall L shaped profile can be installed with horizontal anchoring tabs adjacent to or underneath the pavers. It will not rust or rot and is unaffected in hot climates. Conveniently packaged in a 48 ft kit which includes 8 pieces of edging and 24 spikes.

  • Item: #PE7HT
  • Packaging: 5 pieces/bundle (100ft), 1 Connector per piece, (25 Connectors per box)
  • Description: Lawn Edging 20ft sections, 1? Round Top Bead, 5? Tall, 7.0 lbs per strip
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    Plastic Paver Edging (Hi-Test)

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