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Fiberglass Ceiling Dome

Royal Corinthian manufactures FRP and polyurethane architectural domes for use on interiors and exteriors. The RoyaLite™ fiberglass domes are a lightweight product that is pound for pound stronger than steel. Each standard fiberglass dome comes with a white gel coat finish and is either segmented or a single unit. Segmented domes can be assembled by the factory or shipped in pieces for onsite assembly. The seams can be bondo’d to give the appearance of a single unit or left segmented (see pictures below for comparison). The FRP product can also be made to resemble stone or granite. The RoyalThane™ high density polyurethane domes come primed and are ready for final paint finish. As with all of our products, due to our in-house mold-making department, custom domes are a breeze and relatively inexpensive. We provide the necessary hardware to assemble our segmented domes. CAD drawings and PDF’s are available for download below.
CAD Drawings Royal Corinthian Fiberglass Ceiling Dome

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