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Model 8785: ePOD™ All-Weather Emergency Water Tempering Booth

Model 8785 ePOD™ enclosed tempering system can be placed into any environment. Whether the intent is the protect the equipment from dirty or contaminated environments, shield from unpredictable outdoor weather, or provide a heated/cooled enclosure in extreme temperature installations the 8785 is your go-to choice for a rugged yet flexible water tempering skid solution. It shall include an all-weather 5' x 5' (1.52 x 1.52m) booth which provides optional operating temperature ranges of -50° to 120° F (-45.5° to 49.8° C), and is constructed of corrosion resistant aluminum paneling with polyester based powder coating. This single or multiple showers and/or eyewash tempering water unit with galvanized piping is designed to operate with several tempering and electrical options. Standard hook-up is a 480V, three phase inlet inside a NEMA 4 enclosure. The internal booth temperature can be maintained by an optional space heater. The tank water temperature is maintained by an immersion heater. The electrical system can be easily adapted to voltages upon request. The 8785 tempering booth utilizes the Haws Tempered Water Blending System to provide tempered water under dire situations, and incorporates fail-safe features like anti-scald protection and full flow cold water bypass in the event of hot water failure. 1-1/2" tepid and cold water inlets.

  • Standardized platform provides shorter lead times and customizable configuration options
  • Ready-to-incorporate design variations including hot water supply, electrical type, blending capabilities, stainless steel piping, and more
  • Fully assembled and tested for quick placement and hook-up

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Design Visualizer

Design Visualizer

Model 8785: ePOD™ All-Weather Emergency Water Tempering Booth
Model 8785: ePOD™ All-Weather Emergency Water Tempering Booth

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