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Artificial grass is widely known for it’s use in sports fields, SYNLawn® synthetic turf is created for your lawns and landscaping. SYNLawn's sister company AstroTurf® handles all of the field turf needs for the sports world, while SYNLawn® focuses solely on residential and commercial landscaping applications A professionally installed landscape by SYNLawn® is so realistic, so unbelievably natural you won’t be able to tell it’s synthetic grass … even when you’re standing on it.

SYNLawn® will help design and install your landscape to perfection. No detail is left out. Working with you and understanding your needs, SYNLawn will tailor the installation to your vision of the picture perfect lawn. They handle all the heavy lifting, the irrigation system and create natural transitions between SYNLawn® grass and the natural surroundings in your landscape. They install the grass around trees, shrubs, hedges, flower beds, walkways, paving stones and anything else you require in your design.
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