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Large Tile Kit

Larger tiles demand the use of wider membrane applications to prevent substrate movement from disturbing the new tile installation. The best way to ensure maximum fracture-free protection for tile, stone and other large-format, hard surface flooring is with full floor coverage of 36” ECB® membrane. The Large Tile Kit is a versatile alternative to the ECB® Kit that can accomodate large sized or small sized tile installations.  The 24” wide ECB® anti-fracture membrane can accommodate tiles up to 24” x 24” and provide protection up to 1/4" of lateral substrate movement. The correct positioning of the tile is critical to the successful installation of any ECB® strip applications. Only one side of each tile should be af?xed to the sub?oor. This will allow the sub?oor to move in-plane while ECB® absorbs the stress of that movement. Tile should never be af?xed directly to the sub?oor on both sides of the membrane. With any large tile installation, the cost of repair becomes a critical factor: the larger the tile, the higher the cost, even if only one tile breaks.

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