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Modena Double Recycling Station

Functional and attractive in any setting, the Modena Curved Top Double Recycling Station is packed with features and benefits. This recycling station offers a combination of bottle, can, paper and/or waste options. A variety of door and slot configurations mean that this unit can be customized to suit any waste or recycling application. The configuration can also be made to be interchangeable and customized with cast lettering if required. (See examples below in the installation gallery). 

We feature an open bottom design making is easy to clean inside the unit as well the ground under the unit when the catch basins are removed. The all-aluminum frame minimizes corrosion while the curved top prevents water from pooling. Flush mounted 100% recycled plastic lumber slats that are easy to maintain and clean complete the finished appearance . An optional Foot operated pedal is also available giving it a hands free option for loading.
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Modena Double Recycling Station ( MCTRS-39 )


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