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Paver Containment - Vertical Face Closure Clips

Clips for vertical closure are designed to solve a problem typical of many exterior raised decks or floors – how to install a vertical facing tile to close off a paved area when no perimeter wall is present. The solution involves installing two special stainless steel clips on the pedestal, one placed over the head and the other under the base. The combination of these two clips grips the vertically positioned tile securely and prevents horizontal movement. This also provides the possibility to create steps under certain circumstances. Note that this solution is only intended to create a vertical closure in situations where the step height is no higher than a normal stair riser and in all cases, you need to ensure that the completed elevated deck is completely stable, free from all sideways movement and complies with all relevant regulations and codes. The head base clips can be also used for enclosing an elevated deck at corners as shown below. Height adjustment of the pedestals remains possible using the special height adjustment tool by inserting the tool through the hole in the upper clip.
CAD Drawings Archatrak Inc. Paver Containment - Vertical Face Closure Clips

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Paver Containment - Vertical Face Closure Clips


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