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Bear Resistant Products: Trash Receptacle

CAD Drawings RJ Thomas Mfg. Co. / Pilot Rock Bear Resistant Products: Trash Receptacle
Collecting trash ... and recyclables ... doesn't have to be ugly.

Our Pilot Rock trash and recycling containers come in several sizes, and a wide variety of materials and colors – including wood, coated steel and recycled plastic.  We have receptacles designed for ... rustic campsites and trails, public parks, playgrounds, streetscapes, schools, pools, businesses ... anywhere people spend time outside.  If you've got people, then they've got trash, and you need durable and attractive receptacles to hold it.

Trash? Recyclables?  You want specific lids to fit your collection needs.  We offer a wide variety of lids to work with your programs.

Complete your receptacle with liners, decals and mounts.

You can also match receptacle designs to benches and picnic tables for a coordinated look to your landscape.

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Bear Resistant Products: Trash Receptacle ( BPRT1-36 )


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