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Utility Tables: Embedded Mount ( ULT-1 & ULT-2 )

CAD Drawings RJ Thomas Mfg. Co. / Pilot Rock Utility Tables: Embedded Mount ( ULT-1 & ULT-2 )
Utility Tables are a popular enhancement to picnic areas and camp sites.  They provide a work area so the nearby picnic table can be kept clean and used for other activities.  Pilot Rock Utility Tables are available in a variety of designs, sizes and materials.

The ULT Series is an all steel, easy to maintain work table.  It is popular for individual campsites, especially in hunting and fishing areas.  Our other Utility Tables ... the APTX Series, the XTX Series and the T700 Series are designed to coordinate with similar picnic tables.  These Utility Tables provide a work area and prep area large enough for several people at the same time.  Perfect for group areas and shelter houses.

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Utility Tables: Fixed Position ( ULT-1 & ULT-2 )


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