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Ages 5-12: PS5-70150

CAD Drawings Superior Recreational Products | Playgrounds Ages 5-12: PS5-70150
The PS5-70150 is sure to offer a play experience promoting strategy and teamwork within children. Allow up to 80 children between the ages 5-12 years old to strategize on this ADA compliant structure. This commercial playground structure features a plethora of different pieces of equipment including an ADA transfer point with a half gate, a half push panel, zipper climber, and several different slides fit for every child. After so much exploring throughout the panel, the below deck bench offers a realizing alternative for those in need of a break. The USA map panel and the spelling panel compliment each other and promote a learning experience for children while they are engaging with others and playing. The dimensions are 53 feet by 53 feet with a use zone of 65 feet by 65 feet. By adding necessary surfacing, you can make this environment completely accessible for children of all abilities. This structure is available in any color scheme best fit for you.

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