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Ages 2-12: PS5-70244

CAD Drawings Superior Recreational Products | Playgrounds Ages 2-12: PS5-70244
Between the tri-chute slide and the concentration, chain link and bedrock climbers, children will spend hours exploring the components that this commercial play structure has to offer. Embellished with 6 slides, 4 climbers, and a variety of panels for a fun look, children will be sure to run, slide, climb, and jump all over the PS5-70244. Functional and fun, it's the perfect size for any playground space requiring a use zone of 20 feet by 19 feet and a fall height of 5 feet. An added plus of this structure is the ADA transfer station allowing for any child to play! This structure is recommended for children aged 2-12 and has a capacity to keep a total of 35 children entertained and one time.

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