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Solar Post

The Lappset Solar is a specially designed solar post that provides green energy for Lappset Interactive playsets. It eliminates the need for a mains power cable and offers a new way to power the equipment. Built to withstand harsh winters, it provides at least 2 hours of play per day. During winter months, the playground equipment can be put in Eco Mode to save energy. The Lappset Solar is connected to My Yalp, a control and support platform that allows remote monitoring of battery status and settings. Please note that the Lappset Solar solution is suitable for areas below 53-degree longitude. For accurate energy consumption calculations, it is recommended to consult with Lappset for specific project locations. Keep in mind that these calculations are based on averages and assumptions, and no rights can be claimed based on them. 

CAD Drawings BIM Models Lappset  Solar Post
CAD Drawings BIM Models Lappset  Solar Post CAD Drawings BIM Models Lappset  Solar Post

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Design Visualizer

Lappset Solar Post
Lappset Solar Post

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